Scary reality.

It’s not shocking to turn on the news and see that there has been some form of attack and tragedy ensuing the lives of innocent civilians. So sad and scary. And to try and comprehend that these are the actions of a group attempting to honor their beliefs. What kind of spiritual power breeds hate and murder and suffering?

I ended a phone call last night because it was too negative. There are so many negative things around each of us and some of us do our best to turn things around or avoid things or try and make them better. Some of us use them as attention-seeking opportunities and have no other conversation topics than whining, complaining, being mean. I don’t have the bandwidth for this. We all need to vent sometimes. But then, you have to either accept things as they are or do something to change them. I do not have time for you if you pick anything but one of these two choices.  Life is too short. If you are making the choice to live miserably, you will do so without me. Seems like an exhausting way to live.



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