Should I?

I found it interesting when I thought of starting a blog that it made me a little uncomfortable. I always say I’m an open book. Ask me anything! But I guess that’s for the folks I’m in relationships with or attempting to start relationships with. In NYC I don’t know how people can deal with bullshitting. Who has the time or patience? Don’t waste mine and I won’t waste yours.

This is just….out there. Makes a girl feel very exposed.

Also interesting is my use of social media as it stands now is clearly a means of feeling included, mostly when my 37-year-old single ass is cooking a great meal and nobody is there to make yummy noises except me. People know what I’m looking at and eating and they’re nowhere near me.  But it’s obvious that, like a lot of people, I do this to feel connected to other people when I am very much alone.

I have a shark-like life in that I am always moving. Could be I’m afraid to sit still, afraid to miss something. Or it could be that being active lends itself to potentially meeting someone the organic way, as online dating is something that is not for me. If I get more comfortable with the concept of having a blog, maybe I’ll get into that someday.

But it’s through a blog (and some texting, whether she likes it or not) that a friend has been open and shared and been bold and brave. So why can’t I be?


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